Roma (White/Black)

Informations Roma:

Fabricated in Italia
100% High gloss (laqué)

Dimensions Roma:

Showcase 1door closed: 
(Vitrine 1p fermer)
65x40x154h cm

Glass showcase 1door: (Vitrine 1p)
45x40x191h cm

Glass showcase 2door: (Vitrine 2p)
115x40x191h cm

Tables: (Tables)
Small: 160x90x77h cm
Big: 190x90x77h cm

Dressers: (Dressoirs)
Small: 165x50x83h cm

Big: 220x50x83h cm

Tv unit: (Tv meubel)
150x50x45h cm

Coffee tables: (Tables salon)
Small: 127x6643h cm
Big: 100x100x43h cm

Mirrors: (Miroirs)
Small: 140x82h cm

Big: 180x82h cm


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Avenue de Jette 108-112
1081 Koekelberg

+32 2 304 85 86


Abdijstraat 36-38
2020 Antwerpen

+32 3 237 74 78


Rue Royale-St-Marie 25
1030 Schaerbeek

+32 2 203 93 20


Avenue des princes 30-32
1300 Wavre

+32 1 045 79 62


Rue de champs 20
1040 Etterbeek

+32 2 569 58 55

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