landlord didn't protect deposit within 30 days

Or does it not work like that? They will no doubt give reasons for why you should pay more, but if they don’t, then they are really showing they are weak. Dates are critical in this area of Law, generally to make Landlords aware of their risk I advise that if the original tenancy was not protected then it follows that Superstrike applies because one must fully comply with the Deposit Protection for tenancy 1 to get the deemed compliance for tenancy 2. We were looking forward to it. You have no evidence you sent the original email (unless you cc'ed it to another email you control so message headers may be used as evidence of sending, you left the keys in the flat, so they can say they never received your notice, had no reason to contact you or enter the flat. The critical point for Landlords is that you may have a property that has recently become part of a zone that the Council deems requires a licence or more worryingly that you inadvertently have a change in the configuration of a property or the relationship of tenants is misleading. Whether it be Tenants or Claim firms, it is important to create an evidence trail, when sending an email put a CC or BCC to a separate email address, the email header of the the second recipient will be accepted as evidence that the message was sent and should be considered as served, This is because the in the header of the email there are date stamps of the servers of Microsoft, Yahoo, Google et al. Judges recognise that any tenant can be the weaker party in the landlord tenant relationship, they are often so desperate for accommodation that they will sign anything and then so worried about being evicted that they will not complain. Ensure you are being fair and reasonable at all times; suppress your anger and frustration if you need to. That however makes the (PI) signature look (90) days late! I return full deposit. Fine. You still have Section 8 which is not only the more appropriate eviction route for arrears over 2 months but does not depend on the prerequisites of S21. You can also "It's required that your landlord uses an authorised scheme and provides you with written information about that scheme within the 30 day timeframe. 8th December – full balance of £1,246 protected with DPS. Alerting me to not get in touch with themselves or the tenant or further crimes against myself shall be put forward! Hi, i recently received my "no win no fee - Injury lawyer specialist papereork" claiming that my tenant, (now vacated) had not received any acknowledgement of there deposit being protected! With that said, the following advice is suitable for those good landlords that are genuinely being taken advantage of by the money-grabbing parasites that don’t have the moral fibre to put their foot on the brakes…. They make a token payment here and there along with promises that they want to settle their arrears but never stick to payment plans and the debt is just getting bigger! Taking legal action against your landlord for not protecting your deposit often means things are resolved out of court. Second, the original contract was for a year and the tenants subsequently signed for second year. How fucking generous of them. Your solicitor can explain more about this. I Haven’t Protected My Tenant’s Deposit, What Should I Do? People meet, get married and move in together, leaving the spare house. Thank you. Sorry just realised that the forum is not sending me notifications for some reason. SO WEAK. Hi. when I started this website. Tenants jump into bed with these no win no fee firms but it does not indemnify them against your costs unless they get insurance which is very difficult to obtain in such cases. thanks for your help. Previously this was a matter for Councils and it was usually Councils that brought the cases. You should write your response knowing that a Judge or Mediator may look at it; that means you will want the Judge to see that you are the fair and reasonable person, while the tenant is nothing but a bumbling buffoon, using the Court to decapitate your wallet for some easy cash. Once reviewed I was able to advise you that you were already only facing the minimum. Stay strong! Section 8 is also an option IF your tenancy includes the appropriate notice in your tenancy agreement. 17th November – £800 balance of deposit received by the agent. After calling up several times and requesting payment, they finally sent a check and itemized list, however, the postmark on both of these items are ~8 days after the 30 day period (since lease ended). Embarrassing I know, but I apologised but the tenant said she didn’t feel comfortable remaining in the property. James. It is also now law, for those landlords who received a deposit before 6 April 2007, then the landlord must protect the deposit by 24 June 2015. If you reach a settlement agreement to pay them say 1x to 1.5x the deposit (I can give you help with a letter and settlement agreement) but you have them pay you it straight back (get them to sign a receipt and you sign one too) so against the arrears. What are my options here as in total their solicitor is claiming for the deposit, even though they didn’t give the right notice, 3x the amount, the council tax bill and solicitors fees and interest. Tenant gave me one month notice in January and move out 6 days later. the purpose of this blog post is to encourage all parties to settle, settle, settle! It’s a business where, until recent times anyway was unique, in that it is Government policy to eliminate the small landlord. I have been a totally reasonable landlord and provided repairs, new appliance and even paid for gardening when tenant claimed she was unable to keep on top of the weeds! We ended up having to leave early when coronavirus broke out (we had come from overseas and needed to get home before borders closed), leaving 3 months' rent due to be refunded after our 28 days notice. since then he is into very aggressive mode and charging more more more money in the name of damages, actually I cleaned the property very neat and not such damages. And what a relief I have the (PI) SIGNED! I let out to tenants on STA in 2019 including a deposit with them knowing it was just for a short time as I was going to be demolishing most of their accommodation then selling, which I've since done. Store these properly for 6 years. It is now a month past the end of the 28 days notice, and we have heard absolutely no response from the real estate office, even though we've contacted four separate people from that office as well as from the head office. 1) He never/not deposited to any protection scheme as he mentioned in the agreement. Can you provide further advice? The agent is paid for this. If you’ve been a good landlord, negotiate… do everything you can to settle! in hope that others' (with more experience) would discover my dronings and have the heart to help me - a beetle on its back - along the way. The following is purely based on personal experiences and hearsay…. If you haven’t received notification as to your deposit protection, you may want to check this with your landlord or agent. They are not allowing me to visit the property at all, let alone bring any potential future tenants to view the property before they leave due to COVID-19 concerns. As you have a live and very pressing case please see instructions on post 304 to contact me via the forum. You had no right to keep the deposit, in fact I would not be surprised to see her bring further claims against you. Free Property Valuation Service & Online Tools. If that’s the case, it should be documented and laid out with a heading of “Settlement Agreement”, and it should clearly state that the settlement is the ‘full and final settlement’. These 95% have virtually no voice. Ages ago you could pay it back but Landlords were really abusing that so the law was changed. You can argue that your tenant did not give you the correct notice but if I was claiming against you I would be bringing a claim for her costs for having to find a new property, if she left the property immediately she may have claim under a daily rate of £350 per day until she was able to secure another tenancy. Stay strong, my brothers! The letter may also state what they have to do in order to prevent you taking them to court, for example return your deposit! It is your money and your risk appetite that matters here. This accounting must be in writing and give the exact reasons the deposit was not returned and the costs associated with any repairs. Hi, my landlord mentioned in the agreement about TDS but he did not deposited till I found it, it was after 18 months, after sending him a mail, he said he missed he agreed to adjust that from one month rent, still some close to 100 pound with him. So, what to do if you’re being threatened? We posted on March 4. I could throw a stone in the middle of a landlord conference (who actually goes to those things?) Let’s talk about it…. Getting the tenant out under S21 means either rectifying ALL failures first, these are shown on the front page of the S21 notice. Eventually, after eight weeks I received a call of them explaining to me they were sorry they hadn't been in touch sooner and that they had not received such documentation. I am reliably informed that a Judge will take into mitigation the fact that I am a novice Landlord, [and that I quickly protected the deposit in an approved scheme as soon as I became aware of my unattended oversight]. Thanks for your help! The toilet broke after 2 days of moving in, it took him a week to sort that. TELL MEEEEEEEE! They should also provide you with information about how the deposit is going to be returned and what deductions can be made. Your landlord or agent must also give you written information about the scheme. I've got to reply to Solicitors by Friday 21 February. If these tenants are on Housing Benefit you can have it paid directly to you at 6 weeks of arrears. What a Christmas! The part that is of main interest is (a) above. In 2020 a year after the Tenant Fees Act became Law Landlords were required to part refund any deposit over 5 weeks on most tenancies (6 weeks on the really high ones). I did not protect the tenant’s deposit, can I still serve a section 21 notice . Anyway, I am sure that now that you have had to pay for your mistake you will remember to protect your deposit and comply with the law, which is the purpose of the sanctions. Then when she tried to resolve it out of Court you do not even give her the courtesy of a reply. Landlord is happy and the (good) tenant is happy. You'll need to know your landlord or agent contact details so you can contact them directly with any questions or concerns. Feb 2016 This all goes without saying, but just as well to always bear it in mind. But it seems she now wants to go via legal channels for both eviction from the property and any potential compensation. The landlord is responsible by law to protect your money in a deposit protection scheme within 30 days of receiving the money. Unfortunately, focusing on someone else’s wrongs to mask your own is as embarrassing and futile as it sounds. They will deny it and refer to the contract you signed, so if it has a minimum term that contradicts what you allege you will have a problem without evidence. Even if Law need to penalise landlord they can fix A token amount like £200 max for no harm so that all such petitions to go down and court can take up serious stuff. Ultimately, your objective at this point should be to avoid Section 214 Housing Act Deposit Protection Penalty Sanctions. So after all over you can expect a pre-action letter in accordance with CPR conduct or if you are lucky an email at which point a settlement can be agreed. One might argue they could rent it in a week after a deep clean (that you would pay for) and putting the property on Open Rent. So my inspection would be in September. They may even say the tenants have to pay for that because you have tried 3-4 times to settle (that’s why it’s important to try and fairly negotiate). We actually just got an email back from the head office yesterday, after two months of zero contact, so we may be making some headway. Government guidance is not to do the latter but quite a few still do. Best thing you can do is close the doors to it. This scares away the more professional claims companies as they are effectively insurance companies and work on a risk basis, plus they will not fund the counterclaim and it is unlikely the tenant will pay their £2k fee to do so (although most are not even setup to do so). I have seen this before and I can help you with it, I am sure that with the right approach he will settle and if he does not he will face sanctions which are paid to you. It seems fraudulant activity and of course shall take this to my solicitor when they re-open, but they wont be open until after the deadline date of (8th January) to cough up my childrens inheritance! At the same time if my client is a tenant and there is an egregious failure by the Landlord to protect the deposit (usually accompanied by a deposit grab or failure to repair etc) then based on the facts I will fight for their rights. keep the deposit protected during your tenancy. I recently moved into a property (2 weeks ago) and have encountered nothing but lies, broken promises and problems and sadly, due to demand and facing homelessness I am paying 20% above the average rent for my area due to landlord greed for a substandard property after a promise of remedial work prior to moving in was not done. Surely a £100 shortfall won't open me to a legal claim by them? No confirmation that they retrieved the keys we left in the flat, no confirmation that we would be refunded our additional rent, no confirmation that the inspection had gone ahead and we would be able to receive our bond back (which is also a month overdue now). My landlord didn't put my deposit in protection scheme and Customer Question hi my landlord didn't put my deposit in protection scheme and now he said he needed to use my deposit to paint the house and do all the fix and repair and even ask me to pay more JA: What steps have you taken so far? I initially started this blog because I wanted to document my every step to becoming a BTL landlord, Some also used a loophole of giving the tenant their deposit back, sometimes 15m before the proceedings, so the law was changed to say you had to pay even if you returned it in full. There is a chance for better news if your Agent provided a full service or told you in an email or contract that they would protect the deposit or if their terms say they will protect it. You can claim compensation from your landlord or agent if they failed to: protect your deposit within 30 days of you paying it. But still you may end up regretting it. They came from the Crisis team locally so I wanted to help them in their difficult circumstances. Would a judge take the marginality of the case into account? My Letting Agent has said she will refund original deposit. Sometimes it is better to settle a dispute before you end up paying between £350 and £750 per hour for the lawyer. However the deposit system is a complete joke. If a Landlord fails to lodge the deposit with one of the 3 tenancy protection schemes within 30 days of the date on which the deposit was provided by the Tenant the Landlord will be subject to a penalty. If you write them a letter, you pay for them to read it, if they need to reply, you pay again. However in the lockdown they may well try to argue they could not rent it as the agent had furloughed their staff. There is a window of time between when a Tenant considers bringing their own claim and when they use a claim company, once it gets to a claim company you are on their time and paying for every hour. I had seen Landlord who have intimidated their tenants push the Judge toward the tenant, even asking them if they are asking for an adjournment to add further action. Then rogue Landlords started cheating the system by providing the deposit protection companies with a similar but false email and telephone for the cost of buying a SIM, this caused the notifications to go to them rather than the tenant. You should definitely get advice from a qualified professional for any legal or financial matters. If they don’t, you could be entitled to up to 3x the amount of your original deposit.". You can use google of course, or you can scroll back through years of questions on this blog post. However, its a special kind of business. No doubt, that might still hurt like a sledgehammer to the nuts, but it really is an easy escape from what can potentially be a very firm and prickly grip. Normally if you abandon a property a Landlord can only hold you for their actual costs to replace you, this might be a small amount, agent fees etc. It was settled with no sanctions paid. The deposit is protected for the performance of the tenancy so you can deduct their arrears from the deposit by making a claim with the deposit protection company you used. DO NOT pay them anything. I asked Letting Agent to inform the tenant and give plenty of notice. The landlord may deduct for certain items specified in the statute, but may only deduct for damages if he complied with certain requirements of the statute when the security deposit was received and within the 30 days provides a sworn statement itemizing the damages and the costs of repair, with written evidence of such costs. This is a bit like dealing with an overflowing bath, first thing to do is turn off the tap. You could also use these shortfalls to negotiate a reduction in rent or you could use the pandemic to negotiate a reduction in rent, https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice/private_renting/how_to_negotiate_a_rent_reduction_during_the_coronavirus_outbreak. Find Tenants Quickly on Rightmove for FREE! If you start a petition to change the law you might see it being changed to make things more draconian, so be careful, because for every landlord organisation there is a tenant organisation and they are far more professional at lobbying Government. This legislation applies to every landlord in England and Wales that has taken a deposit from a tenant under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. Agent didn’t file a part deposit with deposit scheme within 30 days Make Text Bigger . This legislation has been in place since 2007, that is 13 years of awareness, Landlords have a plethora of legal obligations and it is their responsibility to make sure that they comply to all of them. That can’t be right, not on any level. I had one recently where the deposit was over £8000 and the Landlord wanted £9000 of repairs that were literally fair wear & tear for the most part. Disclaimer: I'm just a landlord blogger; I'm 100% not qualified to give legal or financial advice. The second problem you have is that you abandoned the property without first making some sort of engagement with the Landlord or Agent. Protecting the deposit is free with the DPS and under £30 if you insist on an insurance scheme, keeping the deposit yourself, but that opens you up to "forgetful failures" where there are requirements by you to re-protect the deposit. For example, normal wear and tear is to be expected, while some damages you may need to cover. The following will be a hybrid of David’s sound advice and my own toxic interference…. If a deposit was received between 6th April 2007 and 5th April 2012 landlords were required to protect the deposit within 14 days of receipt. Your ex tenants probably “forgot!” they signed it and told the ambulance chasers this hoping you Lost your paperwork and cannot prove it. You should have information about the amount of the deposit for the address that you're renting. If your property is in a licensed area or had a requirement to licence and you failed in that she can claim 12 month rent repayment order. If they have taken responsibility it brings two things into play, first is a liability for negligence, so you can sue them for the consequential loss you have suffered, including legal fees. They failed to return me my copy signed by post, hand mail or email. Anyway the Limitation Act applies and gives them 6 years to file a claim and 12 years in some special circumstances. You also need to establish two things from your Council; would they be deemed to have a responsibility for housing these tenants (children, vulnerable etc) and what is their general advice to tenants, do they take the obligation to house from the expiry date of the S21 or do they force tenants to wait for bailiffs and thus push the tenant a further £3k into debt. However, we really do need the money back (about 2k total) since finances are tight on our end, and we think it's unreasonable that we haven't even gotten an email back so far. It is also now the case that if the landlord received a deposit before 6 April 2007 the landlord must … Feb 2019. If you get into a discussion with them the costs will exceed the deposit and you will end up paying it anyway. Their "deadline" will likely be simply a scare tactic and will have no bearing on this. Rent arrears are 100% deductible and they would have to show proof they have none. Never have I been so wrongly accused nor threatened in such a way of these so called- "injury lawyer specialist" who feel the need to muscle in on some foolish innacurate and deceptive tenants hopes! That can be a powerful deterrent for the donkey to proceed. What I am STILL seeing every week is landlords who think the deposit is a redecoration fund, an improvement fund or just something they can dip into. They may as well have posted this through your letterbox: I can only urge all tenant’s in that position to side-step and forgive by asking for the deposit back in full, and then by then making a strong vocal point. I am reliably informed that a Judge would view this for what it is; a frivolous attempt to extort money from me, using their Court in an inappropriate way. So far it does not look good, unless there is evidence (including PI's signed by her) of full compliance within 30 days or at least within that initial 6 month term. They will most likely reject your offer, which should definitely come as no surprise, because you’re dealing with a donkey that’s an utter chancer. The most important of these is the Gas Safety which needs to be done within 28 days of the beginning of the tenancy or have an existing one in force that does not expire in those 28 days. Thanks in advance for any help David. One of our solicitors will be in touch to discuss your enquiry. And the refund we are due is laid out in our contract. From our understanding, some branches have closed completely due to covid, and inspections might not be possible to carry out at the moment. Is there any petitions to counter the 3 x claim rights? It was reliable advice. As you state the deposit is capped at 5 weeks rent. Notify me via email when someone else leaves a comment on this blog post. If you go S21 without the PI, How to Rent, Gas Safety and EPR having been served then it will be invalid and you will just waste 2 months. Along with rent arrears, they refuse to see me to discuss the issue , ignore me when I have been to the property even though I can hear they are home. The solution to this problem is to get professional, comply with your legal obligations. Former and present tenants and/or relevant person can claim against the former / present landlords under s.214 Housing Act 2004 for the landlord and / or agents failure to protect the tenants deposit in a tenancy deposit scheme within the prescribed 30 days, and / or failing to provide the tenant with the prescribed information to allow the tenant to check that the deposit has in fact been secured. In order to keep a security deposit from a tenant, the landlord must provide an accounting to the tenant within 30 days of moving out. I literally didn't have a clue about being a landlord You you want to, you could send a copy of the deposit protection certificate proving you placed the deposit with the DPS. The fact that you have not returned deposit already is a guaranteed way to piss her off and push her into the arms of a claims solicitor. give you written information about the scheme within 30 days. Thanks to our partnership with Deposit Recovery Claims, you can make a claim against your landlord in court and win compensation between 1-3x the original deposit. They in late 2019 and I returned their full deposit, I even part paid them in cash (with them signing for it as proof before they left) to help them out of the financial hole they were in, then the balance by BACS. First, we have genuine mitigating circumstances, since the 30 days covered the Christmas period when we were on holiday with my elderly parents who both fell ill. However I still have the emails, and certificate of proof with the date i placed their deposit within the (30) allocation which lawfully requires me to secure the deposit with a government recognised scheme! Out of the blue, some 4 months later I get letter from Claim Solicitors demanding compensation of 3 times the deposit twice as the STA ended after 6 months, so it amounted to 2 transgressions, and also the cash part payment which they claim I didn't pay, which I have proof I did as well as texts as proof, amounting to a ridiculous amount, though it can get resolved with a 'generous' Part 36 offer of an equally ridiculous amount plus solicitors costs. If you’re currently caught in the cross-fire, the odds are it’s because your tenant(s) has discovered you’re ripe for prosecution due to your failure to comply with the tenancy deposit legislation. You can't really blame tenants who see a website with a calculator and tells them they can get £10k for a mistake their landlord made. Please use the links below for more information: Your personal information will *never* be sold or shared to a 3rd party. The tenant and I had a really good relationship and they always paid their rent and kept the flat tidy and left everything in good order when they moved out. Remember if the PI is the only thing missing it is your word against theirs and very hard to prove a negative. It is NOT the tenant who "sometimes decides that his deposit was not secured" it is a legal fact, if the deposit was not protected the sanction which is a statutory penalty applies. Ok, so let’s go over this really, really, really, really, really, really quickly, because I’ve already covered the what, where and how’s in-depth, over at the Landlord Tenancy Deposit Guide blog post. The law does not provide a means not pay at least 1x the rent, there is mitigation and culpability is a factor hence the Judge can vary the amount to between 1x & 3X. I would like to use … you can click on this link to private message me: I’ve stupidly not put the deposit in to a scheme and it’s over 30 days. Reply. Court procedures are really important here, I have see Judges punish Landlord and Tenant if aspects of procedure or CPR are not followed. Feb 2018 How can a tenant who leaves happily and after sometimes decides that his deposit was not secured and he gets worried. The landlord must also provide you, as the tenant, with certain written information within that 30 day window. Tenants are 4mths in arrears due to endless stalling, fob offs and empty promises. This may be all planned I fear! Time limits. Just a word of caution. This means that you must be given any updated information in writing within 30 days of your new deposit being paid. Can I just give them back the deposit or take off what they owe me and give it back to them and all will be ok? I have a Lettings/Management Agent handle everything on my behalf as I am not living in the UK. The penalty is likely to be between 1-3 times the amount of deposit paid. 1 x claim makes it less tempting for tenant to bother. Ouchieeeee! A list of the best UK Online Agents that will market your rental on Rightmove & Zoopla. What would you advise? Of course, it’s almost always x3 because they’re ambitious, they want the jackpot, and after a chat with their mate down the pub and/or doing their ‘online research’ they probably believe that’s what they deserve can get away with. So to emphasise…. 4) He is simply adding more list and demanding more money in the name of damages I suggest you use the forum to PM me any more information or questions using the instructions in post 335 above. In your position I would go S8, the only way they can avoid it is to bring the arrears under 2 months which is still something. We advise clients throughout Merseyside and the UK. What’s your story? * The tenant giving notice to the Landlord--the tenant giving the Landlord at least 28 days' notice in writing to terminate the tenancy, or an earlier date if the Landlord is content to waive the minimum 28 day notice period.

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