Doucelle :

Informations Doucelle :

o Made in Spain.
Mattress adaptable and soft.
Mattress with different foam qualities.
o Mattress with 9 different layers inside.
o Thickness of 27 cm.
Available in 2 lengths.
o Available in 8 widths.
o Delivery delay between 2/4 weeks.

Dimensions Doucelle :

o Lengths :
190 or 200 cm long.
o Widths :
80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 cm long.
o Thickness :
27 cm thick.

Layers inside the Mattress Doucelle :

o N°1; Stretch 4D :
Highly elastic fabric that allows a comfort feeling and flexibility.
o N°2; Visco Titanium Gel :
Memory foam formed by gel and titanium particles, patented. It provides freshness, optimizes rest and accelerates muscle recovery.
o N°3; Thermo Fiber :
Fiber that allows air circulation constantly inside, allowing
and promoting the evaporation of moisture.
o N°4; SuperSoft :
SuperSoft is a soft foam with a progressive reception that offers a great comfort.
o N°5; Tex Reforced :
Non-woven fabric, stabilizer of the inner layers of the matress.
o N°6; Visco Titanium Gel Profiled :
Memory foam with a profiled shape formed by titanium and gel particles. It offers a freshness that optimizes rest.
o N°7; AquaPur Elastic :
Open cell structure core with high breathability. Avoid humidity in the mattress. It has a soft firmness.
o N°8; HighFoam :
Foam layer with regular open cells structure that facilitate the circulation of air inside the mattress.
o N°9; Air Fresh 3D :
Fabric that allows air circulation inside the mattress providing a feeling of freshness.


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